Diabetic Screening


All patients diagnosed with Diabetes should be registered to attend the Diabetes Eye Screening Programme. If a patient refuses to be part of the national eye screening programme, they may choose to be examined privately by an optometrist of their own choosing. GOS Regs state that diabetic eye screening is not considered to be part of a GOS Sight Test.

Please contact  the Hummingbird Centre if you have any  questions regarding attendance or any clinical concerns. 

Clinical Manager 

Shropshire Diabetes Eye Screening Programme 
Hummingbird Centre, 
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital 

Telephone: 01743 261257 
Fax: 01743 261657

Before referring any diabetic patient back into the HES medical retina clinic, please ring the Hummingbird Centre to discuss your findings. 

After performing a GOS sight test on a diabetic patient,  it is no longer mandatory to inform the GP of your findings. The examining optometrist does have a duty to ensure that  the patient is under a DESP (Diabetic Eye Screening Programme) and to establish when the last screening took place.