About us

Cheshire Local Optical Committee represents all optometrists who practise in Central & East Cheshire and Western Cheshire

The Committee works on all issues relating to NHS Optometric services in the county including GOS sight tests, GOS regulations and terms of service, Clinical Governance and Enhanced Services.

The Committee members are as follows:

Chairman: Lyndon Taylor

Secretary: Cathy Tripp

Treasurer: Nigel Oldbury

CET Officer: Helen Denton

Webmaster: Mark Simpson

Local Contractors/Performers: Rupesh Bagdai, Jane Smellie, Hugh Churchman, Theresa Cox, Fionnuala Stott, Chris Houghton and Amy Thompson.


The committee meets 4 times per year, if you would be interested in sitting in as an observer please email Cathy Tripp. Numbers are restricted, so if the meeting you would like to attend is full Cathy Tripp will let you know the next available dates.

The next meetings will be held on the 30/11/16, 8/2/17 and the 25/4/17 (AGM) at the Cottons hotel, Knutsford.