Cataract Referral

For patients with an Oldham GP, use a bespoke cataract referral form or standard referral and send it to the GP.

NHS Oldham has the following criteria for cataract:

1st Eye

Best corrected VA of 6/12 or worse in the affected eye OR

Binocular BCVA 6/10 or worse for drivers, or when Px has specific occupational, regulatory or legal requirements for vision OR

BCVA better than 6/12 but experiencing severe impairment of lifestyle such as glare, difficulty reading or watching TV, or at risk of falls.

AND PX has expressed a willingness to have cataract surgery (and is able to give consent), following a discussion about the risks and benefits, and the anticipated improvement in vision will have on the day to day function for the patient, prior to referral.

2nd eye

As above OR

Where there are binocular considerations


Independent providers can also accept direct referral for cataract surgery.  Care UK at the Croft Shifa Health Centre in Rochdale, Spa Medica in Manchester and Optegra Manchester in Didsbury.