Practitioner Information

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GM Area Team Contact details

Contact details for the Area Team are contained in this document.



A PDF version of the GOS18 is available here.

Simply copy to your hard disc and open with Acrobat Reader. Use TAB to move through the fields. If you wish to keep each referral on disc you will need to save it with a different name each time. Otherwise, after printing, just close without saving and it will be blank again next time. You can sign the referral after printing.  A version that will allow a digital signature is here, with guidance on it's use here.


Cataract and Raised IOP refinement Enhanced Services:

Accreditation is by completion of the LOCSU/WOPEC training CD. Please contact the LOC for further information.


Waiting Room Notice

The GOS contract regulations set out a number of requirements for information to be provided to patients.  The approved model notice for display in the practice can be downloaded here (or here for mobile services) in Word format. Contractors may adapt these for their use, or may develop their own patient information (which must meet the requirements of the contract regulations).


GOS Claim Form

This is the new (April 2011) claim form for use when submitting claims to LASCA.


Vouchers for 2nd pairs

The protocol to guide you as to whether a request for a 2nd pair is likely to be approved is available here:


GOS4 for Adults

Advice here from the Area Team on applications for help with the cost of repairs for eligible adults and which are due to a medical condition or illness.


(Thanks to Stockport LOC for allowing us to adapt some files).