Sutton Sight Test For Patients With Learning Disabilities

Patients with learning disabilities may require longer appointments to complete the sight test, or the sight test may have to be completed in more than one appointment. The patient may need to attend the practice before the actual examination in order to be familiar with the setup of the optical practice, the equipment used and the staff.

Sutton Clinical Commission Group will pay a fee in addition to the private or GOS fee for patients with a learning disability (aged 14 or over) with a Sutton GP. In order to be eligible to the scheme, the patient should provide either a 'hospital passport' or a letter from the GP to say that the patient has learning disabilities.

The patient should be given the form ‘Telling the optometrist about me’ or it can be downloaded online to be completed before the sight test. 

The practice should have suitable equipment for the assessment of the patients:

Kay Pictures

Cardiff Cards

Sheridan Gardiner 

Attention grabbers (toys)

If glasses are required, the optometrist could print leaflets about the glasses from the software that manages the scheme.

The optometrist will put the patient details on the software, which is a web application, and will send a copy of the report of the examination to the GP as well giving a copy to the patient and the carer.

The domiciliary service is also available where the patient is unable to attend a high-street practice unaided because of physical or mental illness or disabilities.

In order to join the Sutton Patients With Learning Disabilities Scheme, the following should be completed:

1. The optometrist(s) in the practice has to be accredited by the clinical lead (Eyall Gelbart).

2. The optometrist(s) in the practice has to complete a free CET accredited glaucoma distance learning module.

3. It is recommended that the optometrist will complete the DOCET Safeguarding Children and Adults.

4. The optical practice should complete the clinical governance checklists for NHS contract as well as infection control audit. Further details can be found at Some of the checklists will be required to be audited during a practice visit. 

5. The contractor of the optical practice will need to sign a sub-contract with the LOC Company.