Confused about CET? The GOC's 2016 guide is available to download on the right.

Our CET events are open to those based in Buckinghamshire, and invitations are emailed to all who have supplied their address.

Start times: Unless otherwise stated, our CET events commence with hot food from 6.15pm, and lectures from 7.00pm. Details of the venues are available to download on the right.

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Handouts from the talks  (where available)  may be  downloaded on the right.



On 5th February 2018 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Ms Ranjit Sandhu will repeat her peer discussion on red eye - as delivered at Milton Keynes in December 2017. This event satisfies the peer review requirement for both optometrists and CLOs. It is approved for 3 interactive CET points for: optometrists (ocular disease, standards of practice); CLOs (contact lenses, standards of practice); DOs (ocular abnormalities, standards of practice). Sponsored by Altacor.



On 22nd March 2018 at Milton Keynes Hospital, Serena Kalsi will run a lecture plus discussion workshop: 'A little more conversation', with cases including communication, digital eyestrain and contact lens discomfort. This is approved for 2 interactive CET points each for optometrists (communication, contact lenses), DOs (communication, standards of practice) and CLOs (communication, contact lenses, ocular examination). Sponsored by Bausch & Lomb.


On 17th April 2018 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, preceding our AGM, Josie Barlow will be giving a lecture on myopia management. More details to follow. Sponsored by Menicon.


On 15th May 2018 at Milton Keynes Hospital, Andy Sanders will run a discussion workshop related to lens materials, properties and applications in modern practice.
By analysis of ophthalmic lens characteristics, such as impact resistance, UV / Infra-red absorption, Abbe value , torsional strength , photochromic properties and tinting, you can decide on the most appropriate lens material for various scenarios. Approved for 3 interactive CET points for optometrists (standards of practice, communication, optical appliances) and DOs (standards of practice, communication, optical appliances, paediatric dispensing). Sponsored by Hoya.


Date TBC  at Milton Keynes Hospital, Ms Bina Parmar will deliver a lecture on paediatric ophthalmology. This event is approved for 1 interactive CET point for: optometrists (ocular disease, standards of practice, binocular vision); DOs (ocular abnormalities, standards of practice, paediatric dispensing).


To be sure of receiving your invitations, please send your email address to:

Angela McNamee:


The Chiltern Peer Review Group meets in Amersham. Contact Susan Collier for more information:  

The Milton Keynes Peer Review Group meets in MK Village. Contact Claire Ranger for more information:  

Don't forget that any GOC registrant may set up his/her own peer review group. More details are available in the "My CET" section of the GOC website, or contact Bucks LOC's secretary:

Angela McNamee for advice.